Our Story

Our goal is simple :

To provide low carb/keto-friendly mixes containing clean ingredients without sacrificing taste.

I've always been a baker and a candy maker of the "carby" kind, but it wasn't until I started living a lower carb lifestyle that I realized there was a great need.  A need for gluten free, low carb & sugar free mixes that contain clean ingredients WITHOUT compromising taste.  I want the mixes to be so good that no one can tell the difference between our low carb version and the regular "carby" version. And this is how Kawaii Treats and Eats was born.

The entire process, from recipe creation to test baking, to final production and packing, are all done in-house. Everything is made in small batches, by my husband and myself, at our own licensed commercial kitchen in SW Florida.  We try our best to keep the store fully stocked, but if something is sold out it's usually restocked within 2 weeks, unless it's a seasonal flavor.

Thank you again for stopping by; your support means so much to us!   If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on our contact us page.

Make it a sweet day friends!




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