Holiday keto crack - sugarfree glazed & candied "popcorn" and nuts

This is essentially candied nuts and pork rinds. Yes, PORK RINDS. And it totally reminds me of Poppycock, that glazed popcorn+nuts snack you can find in the grocery stores. This isn't overly sweet as-is, which is why I also included a chocolate drizzled option.

For sugar free substitutes, we used these 2 in the recipe below: granular allulose and PURE stevia extract. The links will take you directly to the amazon listings.

This recipe is VERY simple and you don't need a candy thermometer, but it does require timing and a watchful eye. Less than 10 minutes to cook, but you can't step away.

1/2 cup granular allulose
5 "smidgen" scoops of pure stevia powder
2TBSP water
25g almonds
25g pecans
20g of neutral/plain flavored pork rinds, broken in small pieces

Optional - cocoa powder and chocolate

Weigh out nuts and pork rinds and place in a bowl. Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a small pot over medium heat, add the allulose, pure stevia powder, water and salt. Stir until well mixed and allulose becomes liquid. ONCE IT STARTS TO LIGHTLY SIMMER/BUBBLE, put 5 minutes on your timer. Do NOT boil!.
Allow sugar to LIGHTLY simmer for 5-6 minutes, until it becomes a pale caramel color.

As soon as it reaches that light golden/amber color, TURN HEAT DOWN to med-low and add in the nuts and pork rinds. Put 1.5 minutes on the timer. Continually stir the mixture, to coat everything well.

At the 1.5 minute mark remove pot from the heat, but CONTINUE STIRRING until sugar gets too sticky/thick to keep going. Pour mixture onto baking sheet and allow to cool on the counter. I found that putting it in the fridge left it tacky to the touch.

If you want to drizzle with chocolate, I suggest dusting them with cocoa powder first. without the cocoa powder and chocolate you can taste the caramely flavor better, but the chocolate is a nice touch to make it sweeter.



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